Adler A110 Lever Action Shotgun

When the topic of shotguns arises, most farmers, sports and hunting enthusiasts tend to think of single- or double-barrelled, pump action and automatic options. However, the Adler A110 Shotgun is a shotgun with a difference – it operates by means of lever action, meaning that it may not be as rapid-fire as its pump action counterparts.

Founded by Turkish gun industry experts in 2007, Adler Arms manufactures several different firearms that are supplied to markets around the world. However, the company’s main focus is producing high quality and innovative shotguns designed specifically for hunting purposes.

Adler A110 Shotgun Technical Specifications and Features

  • Short stroke lever action
  • 20 and 28 inch barrel options available
  • 12 gauge 2 ¾ and 3 inch shells
  • 3 screw-in chokes (included with purchase)
  • Vent rib on gun barrel
  • Sling swivels
  • Cross bolt safety action
  • 3/8 dovetail on receiver unit for optics
  • 4+1, 5+1 and 7+1 capacity options available
  • Synthetic stock (Turkish Walnut wood available on some models)
  • Hard chrome chamber and bore
  • Ventilated recoil pad
  • Weight: 7 lbs. / 3.1 kg

Controversy Surrounding the Adler A110 Lever Action Shotgun

The Alder A110 Shotgun has been surrounded by much controversy because gun control lobbyists have argued that it is possible for the 5-shot Adler to be modified in such a way that it can hold up to 11 cartridges at a time. They further mention that its lever action is quite fast moving, which enables shots to be fired in relatively quick succession. Although these weapons had initially been classified as Category A, models that hold up to five rounds now fall into Category B and those with higher round counts than that have been reclassified as Category D firearms.

It has also been argued that the lever action on the Adler A110 is ‘new technology.’ However, this is not the case at all because lever action shotguns have in fact been in use in Australia since as far back as 1887 – and this includes models that have had round capacities of more than seven. To date, there have been absolutely no safety issues regarding nay lever action firearms. The Adler is also not semi-automatic or automatic in any way.

Advantages of Lever Action Shotguns

One of the main advantages of lever action like in the Adler A110 is that it requires shorter movements than that of pump action, which requires a shooter to use full arm movement in order to chamber a round. When using lever action, your trigger hand can be used to both lever the shell and fire, which many shooters say provides them with faster cycling and better overall control. Another distinct benefit of a lever action shotgun is that left- and right-handed shooters can use it without it requiring any modifications or changes.

One of the only concerns that many users have had with the A110 is that the lever action is quite stiff out of the box. As a result, some polishing is usually required to loosen it up a little. However, this shotgun is also one of the most affordable lever action options on the market – coming in at half the price of many pump action models available these days.